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Grow with Virtual Accountants and Advanced Tax Strategy

Our core values center around innovation, relationships, transparency and balance. No matter the extent of the engagement, our approach is to optimize our client’s business through innovation and becoming an extension of their team.

We provide transparent feedback and deliver a balanced team focused on optimization and problem solving. In contrast to the transactional nature of traditional tax services, we are an “Anomaly” as we aim to deliver maximum impact through next gen solutions to today’s emerging businesses. 

Proactive solutions for game-changing financial impact.

At Anomaly, we don't wait for our clients to come to us. We are a step ahead of their needs with our proactive and systematic approach to tax strategy and cloud accounting. Our cutting-edge solutions give our clients the edge they need to outperform their competition and achieve high-growth goals. With dynamic insight into business performance and personalized tax strategy, our clients keep more of what they earn and maximize their profits. Our average ROI of 250% on tax planning is a testament to our commitment to delivering game-changing solutions. We've helped our clients receive millions in tax credits each year, efficiently raise capital and exit their businesses tax-free. Stop with the traditional, outdated service model and stay ahead of your competition with Anomaly.


Award-winning impact: Recognized excellence in client services

Our team has been recognized for our impact
and services to clients:

2022 40 under 40 CPAs

2022 Top 10 Firms for Tech Award by AccountingToday

Nationwide2021 Concierge Accounting Firm of the Year

Certified Concierge Accountants2020 Top 4 National Finalist

Tax Planners of the Year - AICTC

2022 CPA Practice Advisor "40 Under 40" professionals who have emerged as leaders in the profession.

2020 AICTC Tax Planner of the Year National Finalist

2021 Concierge Accounting Firm of the Year

2022 Accounting Today Best Firms for Technology

Revolutionizing Tax & Accounting services tailored for today's businesses.

At Anomaly, we're not satisfied with the traditional tax & accounting “services” of the past. We believe that today's businesses require personalized solutions that keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape. That's why we offer cutting-edge tax strategy and cloud accounting advisory services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With our proactive and systematic approach, we empower our clients with the insight and control they need to achieve high-growth goals and keep more of what they earn. Say goodbye to the traditional and join the revolution with Anomaly.

FAQs About Us

How does Anomaly CPA differentiate itself in the tax and accounting industry?

Anomaly CPA focuses on proactive, innovative solutions and a systematic approach to tax strategy and cloud accounting, aiming for significant financial impact and client growth.

What kind of ROI can clients expect from Anomaly CPA's services?

Anomaly CPA clients have experienced an average ROI of 250% on tax planning, showcasing the effectiveness of their strategies.

What awards and recognitions has Anomaly CPA received?

Anomaly has been recognized with several awards, including the #1 Tax Strategist in the US for 2023, 2022 and 2023 "40 Under 40" by CPA Practice Advisor and the 2022 Top 10 Firms for Tech Award by Accounting Today.

"I was trying to change from a reactive tax strategy to a proactive tax strategy. I found that with Anomaly. I operate 10 plus businesses with over 600 employees and we have done a good job with mapping growth strategy but our tax strategy was lagging behind. Anomaly quickly gathered all information about the companies and upcoming plans and were able to weigh in on timing and tax strategy pros and cons of our growth strategy. We meet with Anomaly on a regular basis and they have become a part of our team. Every person on their team without exception have been professional and very responsive. Anomaly has my highest recommendation."

Ed Alberts

"Long gone are the days of old-school CPAs, where you don't know what exactly you're being charged for or how they come up with their rates. Where you think, do I really need to call them for this or can I figure it out with 789,387,494 hours of google's help and various state and federal sites? Long gone. Greg and his team are true partners. I actually LIKE hopping on quick calls or video meetings with them. I walk away well-informed and knowing I have chatted with really smart people who have my business's best interest in mind. They are super knowledgeable. In a short time, we have implemented several of their strategies. I only wish we had partnered with them sooner. I look forward to our continued partnership. They truly understand our business and help guide us through big decisions. If you are on the fence about working with them, it's time to make the leap. You will not regret it."

Joanna Tiger

"Greg is by far the best accountant I’ve ever worked with. He is highly recommended for start-ups, can grow with your business, and is amazing to work with at the intersection of tax/legal . When I call him he picks up and knows the answer. There’s no partner he needs to pull onto a call or wreck-less billable hours. He’s the best at what he does."

Mathew Roberts

"We've been working with Greg and his team for almost 3 years now and have nothing but great things to say about them. From the client experience to the tax savings and overall strategy they've implemented for our business, they've crushed it for us. Saving us well over $100,000+ in taxes so far we highly recommend them for any business owner looking to dial in their taxes and save the most money possible."

Joshua Steil

"I've been a long-time (5+ years) client of Anomaly CPA. The team is really amazing. Their level of sophistication, especially catered to the specific needs of each different client (I send many of my friends to them), is unparalleled. They are a friend, mentor, and partner I can trust."

Louis Kang

"Love working with the team at Anomaly! They are always looking for ways to help us and readily available when we have questions. Thank you Anomaly!"

Ho-Jun Suk

Interested in Working with us?

With base level subscriptions starting at $400/month, our engagements are relationship based, combining initial strategy, implementation and ongoing support. We work with our clients throughout the year to help them transform their business. Please answer the questions on the following page so we can determine if we are a mutual fit.

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