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Cloud Accounting For Your Growing Business

A core passion of our team is to work with innovative businesses and entrepreneurs that shape the modern world.

what we do

Optimize your back-office for growth with our cloud accounting services.

Streamline your back-office operations with confidence. Business owners and investors should be focused on driving growth and building a winning culture. Our cloud accounting services are designed to help growing startups optimize their back-office functions and free up valuable time and resources.

Accounting Management

Dynamic Financial Reporting


HR & Payroll

Bill Pay & Accounts Receivable

Automation Optimization

Frictionless cloud accounting for scaling a business.

At Anomaly, we understand the frustrations that come with managing finances for entrepreneurs and scaling businesses in today's fast-paced world. We are dedicated to providing frictionless cloud accounting services that give our clients the freedom to focus on growing their businesses. Our experienced team works tirelessly to streamline accounting processes, while providing dynamic insights and support to drive success.

Tailored-back-office solutions for diverse business needs.

Scaling Digital Businesses

Existing operating businesses looking to scale to the next level and get out of the weeds by outsourcing their back-office functions.

Real Estate Investors & Funds

From small portfolio owners seeking insight into the performance of their properties to larger syndicators and funds requiring greater oversight into their operations.

High Growth Startups

High growth startups seeking to raise outside capital. Accounting complexity (GAAP, Accrual and some other crazy acronyms) will dominate your business before long. Let’s get ahead of it and leverage our experiences bringing startups from formation to the ultimate exit.

Discover a partnership for transformational business growth.

With base level subscriptions starting at $400/month, our engagements are relationship based, combining initial strategy, implementation and ongoing support. We work with our clients throughout the year to help them transform their business. Please answer the questions on the following page so we can determine if we are a mutual fit.

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