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John Malone, JD, CTC
May 30, 2023

Working with a Tax Strategist

A tax strategist can help you reduce your tax obligations and retain more of your hard-earned money. To find the perfect tax strategist, identify exceptional tax strategists, be thorough in your selection, and craft a comprehensive tax strategy that aligns with your financial goals. It's important to verify their qualifications and avoid marketing groups selling tax scams. The goal is to create a sustainable tax strategy that fuels your financial growth.

Selecting Your Tax Strategist: A Three-Step Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

Achieving financial prosperity and tax-free wealth is not only about investing wisely, but also about reducing your tax obligations. That's where a 'tax strategist' can be of great assistance. A competent tax strategist can guide you through the complexities of tax regulations, enabling you to retain more of your hard-earned money.

Deciphering federal, state, and local tax laws, as well as international laws for global ventures, is no easy task. However, with an adept tax strategist, this intricate journey becomes a smooth sail.

To optimize your tax savings and enhance your financial growth, follow these three steps to select the perfect tax strategist in your vicinity.

Identify Exceptional Tax Strategists

The abundance of tax strategists available might make your choice seem daunting. The range includes Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and individuals with a Preparer Tax Identification Number, who are all authorized to prepare federal tax returns.

However, quality and expertise can vary significantly. Many tax preparers appear around tax season, only to disappear afterwards. Regulating independent tax preparers is also inconsistent across states, leading to variable service quality.

To ensure you're collaborating with a top-tier tax strategist, consider a network like the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners. Anomaly has 2 Certified Tax Coaches on staff and was both a 2020 and 2023 National Finalist for Tax Strategists of the year!

This community comprises dedicated accounting professionals, each extensively vetted and trained in our unique system for consistent tax reduction.

Be Through in Your Selection of a Tax Strategist

When interviewing potential tax strategists, seek out passion – someone as enthusiastic about tax laws as you are about your business. This professional should be overflowing with innovative ideas to legally protect your wealth from excessive tax exposure.

The right tax strategist near you will also be someone you trust with your financial details. Moreover, they should confidently handle IRS audits, assure you about legitimate deductions, and willingly represent you against the IRS.

It's important to verify their qualifications. High-quality tax strategists usually hold CPA certification, the gold standard in tax reduction knowledge.

Craft a Comprehensive Tax Strategy

Collaborate with your chosen tax strategist to develop a comprehensive long-term tax strategy that aligns with your financial goals. This involves identifying potential tax-saving opportunities and creating a sustainable plan to maximize your tax savings.

It's important to note that various activities qualify for different tax incentives, and a skilled tax strategist can help you take advantage of these incentives as part of your overall wealth-building plan. Keep in mind that the goal is not just a one-time tax reduction, but rather a continuous and sustainable tax strategy that fuels your financial growth.

By following these three steps, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect "tax strategist near me" who understands your financial vision and strategy, and has the expertise to guide you towards lasting tax efficiency and financial success.

Summary on Selecting Your Tax Strategist

  • Vet the professional to ensure they go well beyond tax preparation and use tax strategy day in and day out
  • Look to put a tax strategy in place as soon as possible to start on the road to tax-free wealth
  • Be careful with "too good to be true" claims from marketing groups selling tax scams

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